Here, Hold This

by The Creak

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Anne Eggebroten
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Anne Eggebroten Great light-hearted music for a Saturday night. Favorite track: Stuck in the Mission.
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released December 1, 2012

The Creak is: Ryan Lim (bass, baritone guitar, backing vocals), Chris
Underwood (banjo, guitar, dobro, cello), Joe Readel (vocals, guitar),
Korey Kassir (mandolin, violin, vocals), Joe Boone (guitars). Stuck In
The Mission, I'm Johnny Lee, A Table For One (And Two For The
Road), Carolina, No Vacancy, and Old Dominion written by Joe Readel.
Do What You're Feeling, I'll Be Gone, Fool's Gold, Let It Rain, and
Mom written by Korey Kassir. Mess You Up and This Weekend written
by The Creak. All songs arranged and performed by The Creak. Produced
by The Creak and Margrit Eichler. Recorded and Mixed at
Absolutely True Sound by Margrit Eichler. Mastered by Stephen Hart.
Artwork by Nguyen Hoang Gia.


all rights reserved



The Creak San Francisco, California

The Creak plays an action-packed mix of music rooted in the bluegrass tradition while drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the Beatles, the Bill Evans Trio, the Hot Club of France, James Brown and Slayer. With a hard-swinging rhythm section, memorable melodies, and beautiful instrumental interplay, The Creak captivates. ... more


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Track Name: Mess You Up
Track Name: Stuck in the Mission
Then the sun woke me up on the sidewalk
I could hear them church bells ring
This part of town ain’t too holy
And all the blackbirds sing
“He never saw it coming”
I guess when your eyes are closed you rarely do
Pray for my soul I mean the soles of my shoes
I’m stuck in the Mission missin’ you

Stuck in the Mission missin’ you
This train won’t come so I’ll stick out my thumb
And try to hitch a ride to Richmond where I’m due

It’s hard to say how I got here
It’s hard to say anything at all
Climbed to my feet and read the street signs
Oh how my heart did fall
Dolores you never loved me
That’s alright I’m just a-passing through
The sky is grey and I’m feeling blue and
Stuck in the Mission missin’ you
Track Name: Do What You're Feeling
Well somebody once told me,
There’s a story, we must fit
Like some leaves left to the wind,
Blow wherever, they been told
Yeah that’s no way to live, that’s why I say

Do what you’re feeling,
Not what they think you ought to
Follow, what you know dear,
The grass it grows greener out here

Well you know you’ve got to hold near,
And just love dear, all that’s good
Just sit back and watch it all grow,
Seeds you’ve sown, out on your own
Yeah that’s the way to live, that’s why I say
Track Name: I'm Johnny Lee
I was born in ’23 and the dusty moon watched through the trees
As my mama cared for me and my old man was lost at sea
I vowed to bring him home
I’m Johnny Lee
I’d spend my days down by the beach waiting on the man just out of reach
I looked high oh I looked low through the rain, sleet and snow
I’d pull him from the sea one day, I know

I’ve been waiting all my life just to see my mama’s eyes
When I pull into the harbor with my daddy by my side
With a smile on his face as she cries

I grew tall and I grew mean
I joined the few, the proud Marines
In ’41 them planes flew low, laid to waste that harbor so
They packed me up and off to war I’d go
I met a sailor in Saint-Étienne, said he knows a man looks just like me
I pulled the photo from my billfold, he cast aside what I’d been told
“Your dad’s alive and worth his weight in gold”

So at a bar room in Britain found the man who wore my face
At a table with his blushing bride-to-be
Stuck my pistol in his side and then I whispered in his ear,
“I’m here to drag you home.
I’m Johnny Lee.”
Track Name: I'll Be Gone
Such a simple act why won’t you just pick up the phone
Let me know when you feel like coming on home
I’ll sit up alone late into the night
Just trying to think of reasons not to pick a fight

But baby I’m tired, of you not coming home
Baby I’m tired, of sleeping all alone
So don’t you try to make it right with lies and fantasy
I’ll be gone just you wait and see

I was better off without you and your kind
I swear I must have been blind
You’re about as special as a worn out pair of shoes
But I don’t know what I’d do without you
Track Name: A Table For One (and Two for the Road)
Well, I know you’re gone and not coming home
And I’ll be just fine on the couch alone
We both said lots of things we didn’t mean
Looked past the signs we should’ve seen
Goodnight, so long, I’ll be at the bar
Smash both headlights out on my car
Soaked all of my clothes in kerosene
You burned up my favorite pair of jeans
I said baby, how’d you get so mean?
Honey you’re the worst I’ve ever seen
Kissing you’s like chugging gasoline
Missing you’s been turning my face green

I closed my eyes, and wished upon a star
When I came to I was back at the bar
She was sitting there right next to me
Just reading Twain and sipping tea
“Hey there, how’s things?” A smile on my face
“Why’s a girl like you in such a place?”
Eyes roll and my heart begins to sink
Told a joke and bought us both a drink
I said baby, what are doin’ to me?
It’s like you’re the first I’ve ever seen
Missing you’s like chugging gasoline
I don’t need to know just where you’ve been
Track Name: Carolina
Carolina, why are you leaving?
Slippin’ out the door while I’m sleeping
I should’ve known right from the start
And when I wake up in the morning and
I don’t hear the sound of your snoring
I hope you know you broke my heart

It wasn’t long after we first met and got along
I knew right then you’d be the one to do me wrong

They don’t make ‘em like they used to
The only constant’s change
Love will find a way to haunt you some day
There’s a fire down beneath you
The rope is frayed
Love will find a way to save you some day

Carolina where you been staying?
Did you hear our song when it’s playing?
I guess they cut our favorite part
And when I go out in the evening and
I see the trail you’ve been leaving
I hope you know you broke my heart

You couldn’t stay when push met shove
I heard you say “I don’t need your love but
I’ll take it if you’re giving it away”
Track Name: Fool's Gold
You shake his hand and then do a little dance, ain’t nothing much to it
See what they’ve got here is what we dream about, pockets full just a bursting at the seams
Well now, cash is King and gold is God in what’s soon becoming the land of fraud
And no one’s here to stop it, how dare you touch the rich?, you never know when it might be me

It’s a long way to go, climbing from down low
It’s a long way to fall, once you’ve reached the top

Stir the masses with a sound bite or two, and watch them scurry ‘round as you want them to
Give them bits and pieces, scraps to fight for, social issues overshadow theft
YELL we have to sacrifice, so tighten up that belt, a mountain of debt will put us all in last place
Yet all the while you fill them coffers with them stolen funds, let soldiers die taking photos with their wives

They say, close all of it down, what’s your mind even worth
Well now, us thinking free yeah it hurts them where it counts, that’s in them bank accounts
A cut to schools is a suicide at best sending us all from the first to the third
But the money clouds the vision of all those involved, so start a war cut taxes and it’s all been solved
Track Name: No Vacancy
Falling, yes I was falling, hitting every branch on the way down
Sleeping, I ain’t been sleeping too much since I left town

King of the road, king of the hotel bathroom floor
King of the fools, I don’t wanna be king no more

Crawling, yes I was crawling home from the Buckshot Sunday night
Scrawling, oh I was scrawling our name in wet cement, alright
Track Name: Old Dominion
I don’t want you to think about where we’re going or how we’ll get out
I don’t need to see the trees to know there’s shade and roots underneath

So when they rest us in the dirt we’ll all be free
And when we’re gone gone’s all we’ll be

I don’t want to grow old wishing for the soul I sold
It’s a lonely road to walk alone the only footsteps in the sand were my own
Track Name: Let It Rain
Cold and lonely was the night it, all went down
We went to prove that, they were the ones to blame
Rich and foolish, drunk off that flowing fountain called greed
Alarms were piercing, let them know that we had come

Well let it rain from above, they’ve gone and killed the ones we loved
I ain’t going down, without no fight. So gather what you got
So we can send ‘em, all to hell

Nowhere to run to, no place to hide in now
All alone ’cept this empty bottle and a .45
Cut them ties with, the only ones that ever cared
Well take a chance take a stance cus we’re going home tonight

Rushing out now, to face arms drawn up in the night
Metal flew as, fingers squeezed ‘til blue
The money dropped as we all hit the ground
A simple act to defy what they had become
Track Name: This Weekend
Ten bucks in the bank it won’t be long
Before my socks and my shoes are painted on
Got hair on my chest, whiskey on my breath
Write and tell my mama “nothing’s wrong”

Give me that twelve pack
Give me that paperback
Give me that Paint It, Black 8-track

Another Sunday shot to Hell
Still hearing echoes of that last call bell
Ran into JFK, Eleanor of Aquitaine
They just smiled and waved and wished me well

I’ll sing a liquid lullaby
I can’t talk I won’t try
I’ll be dead and gone when the well runs dry
Write and tell the world I said “goodbye”
Track Name: Mom
He says it’s dark and, cold in his room
Monsters creep and creak, all through the night
One under the bed and his friend lives down the hall
Oh don’t be scared, mom’s here to make it bright

Well it’s alright, close your eyes
I’ll be here though the night
Dream of times, past and bright
As though all of this is gone

Took a spill, off of, that brand new bike
Screaming and crying with that blood running down his knees
Never gonna be alright, well it must be the end tonight
Takes him by the hand and looks into his eyes

Times have passed, and, things have changed
His Mom is sick, and, destined for the sky
Too soon she says, my kids they need me now
“Oh Mom I know, but it’s gonna be just fine.”

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