by The Creak

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released September 21, 2018

All songs by The Creak
The Creak is Joe Boone, Ryan Lim, Amy Levine, Korey Kassir, Joe Readel
Recorded by Korey Kassir at American Cyborg Studios (The Hut), with additional recording at American Cyborg Studios Room A
Mastered by Puppet at
Album art by Nicole Sorci


all rights reserved



The Creak San Francisco, California

The Creak plays an action-packed mix of music rooted in the bluegrass tradition while drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the Beatles, the Bill Evans Trio, the Hot Club of France, James Brown and Slayer. With a hard-swinging rhythm section, memorable melodies, and beautiful instrumental interplay, The Creak captivates. ... more


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Track Name: Pictures of Strangers
Always wishing I was where you are
when you're gone I long for a little more
of you and the easy way you watch the world go racing by on fire
I can't help but wonder where you are

is it what you wanted
ain't this grass green
the other side's a parking lot as far as I can see
is it in the cards yet
you and me
heavy's the heart that needs a counterpart to beat

I get dreaming long before I sleep
of the world outside at dawn and empty streets
headed nowhere like we mean it and something set us free
I get dreaming I can't fall asleep
Track Name: Hooked on Fighter
Eyes rolled cut the deck and fold
all you really wanted was a hand to hold
we're told we can die or grow old
all you really wanted was a had to hold

say we're gonna make it say we're good again
say we'll get to New York someday too
I just need something cool to believe in
California's run me through

stay low build your walls of woe
all you really wanted was a place to go
I know we're only ashes in the snow
all you really wanted was a place to go
Track Name: Rodent
Track Name: Cool Fantasy
Maybe I'm trying to play it straight
grinding my teeth staying out late
you know the want and the worry on my face
it's a dirty slate
I wanna know I'm an honest man
I worry your father won't think I am
if there's a shadow of truth it won't make shade
so play it again Sam

there's only the right way
there's only the hard way when will you learn
there's only the long way
there's only the right way now

maybe I can claw my way over this
maybe there's no proof that the wall exists
I know they say that you can't go home again
and thank god for it
Track Name: Floodlights
Close my eyes wish you were mine
you and I just try and deny
playing friends 'til next week ends
always thought it was a long shot

and you you and me
dance in the floodlights
voodoo rite
eyes on fire

each embrace a touch away
wave from the driveway
we're stuck halfway

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